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Here are just a few letters from visitors...

Thank you to all for Huck Finn. I am enjoying it, loving it and appreciate your gift.
A reader in Chicago

I�m a teacher of English at a school for the blind in Lebanon... I think this is a good project especially for us here blind people in our country. we find it difficult to get books. we have volunteers to record books of academic works and if we do, it is not very good quality recordings. I look forward receiving new releases in the future. regards Sam

This is such a great idea i have a little girl who cant read but loves listening to stories, i will definatly be telling everyone about this service you are offering to people. thank you. EB

hello, I am a blind teacher and need many books in my profession, this is a very good website for people like me, I want to be aware of your new books so please include me in your mailing list. thanks (note: we've replaced email notifications at LiteralSystems with RSS subscription to ease maintenance on the site.)

Hello LiteralSystems people! Just wanted to let you know that I am really excited about what you are doing. Exchanges like this are a huge reason for the internet to be around. Everyone has playback devices and noone has content for them - not even public domain stuff. Thanks so much for seeing a need and filling it. I also really appreciate your quality control approach. While you might start slower this way, you also will be able to be very proud of your work as a collective.

Best, Ryan

I was recently doing some research on Sonnet 116 and listened to Christine Tessmann's interpretation which I absolutely loved. I just wanted to write to thank you for your site. BA

Dear All, Firstly, may I say thank you very much for your reading of The Ancient Mariner - I much enjoyed it... Best wishes Richard

Hi! ... I know your site from Project Gutenberg. I've already downloaded and listened to some of your MP3s which you offer in good quality. First I want to say thank you for your project. Other webpages like audiobooksforfree.com (which is actually a lie!) only offer their books if the user pays something. And still then it isn't high quality (about 56 kbit/s)! So again: Thank you and keep on your good work!...

Cheers, Simon

Greetings and warm salutations! I am a college professor at a women's university in Japan. We emphasize English teaching at our school and have been using iPods to increase our students' exposure to spoken English. They have communicated to us that the academic materials we've prepared for them are useful but that they would also like to have some more interesting/ less rigorous materials such as stories and books. We would like to provide your audio books to our students if it is not in violation of your CC license... (permission was granted by litsys)

I don't know who will recive this e mail, but I just want to say thank you to all those people who make the recordings on your site posible.

sites like yours are a real jem for everyone, especially those with print disabilities.

I have been using the site for quite some time and do not hesitate to recomend it to poeple I know. I am glad to see that it continues to be active. DF

I wish to thank you for your excellent productions of public domain content. The quality equals or surpasses a big name production house, and your volunteer voice talents are doing a fantastic job.

I next want to say something about the web site. The web site is absolutely outstanding, and as a member of the blind community, I find this web site a real joy to navigate without a mouse. You've gone above and beyond, and if I knew of an award to give out, I'd give it.

Not only do I find the web site itself a joy, but I also enjoy the audio content. As I said, the voice talents are very good, and the fact that these are not big names doesn't bother me at all.

...I next want to comment on a couple of the works your volunteers have read. First off, I'm pleased with your reading of The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. While I would have preferred a male voice talent, your reader was impressive enough to compensate. Very expressive, animated and engaging.

I also enjoyed The Mountain Trail and its Message. Your voice talent did a fine job with this piece, enhancing the reflective tone of that work.

I'm pleased to see the audio book market booming as it has. As a member of the blind community, I've always enjoyed audio books, and I'm pleased to see these being made available to both blind and sighted readers... TH

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