"What this country needs is more
free speech worth listening to."

- Hansell B. Duckett

Our response? "Hey! We can do that!"

As acting director/editor of this site I ask myself "What is it really that we can do well? What is it that we can do that might be appreciated most by our listeners? Something that sets us apart. Something worthy of support." It's not not an easy question as my lazy brain keeps on piping up a silly reply "Well, anything right?" No mister lazy brain the answer is not 'anything'.

As I move along in time and experience perhaps some day I'll be able to put it down in a nice way-- a succinct nugget. But for this moment I'd have to say:

We can... share with our listeners something we care about. Language, the human experience, we can help convey the humor or...the not so humorous states of the writer's mind and his subject either sympathetically or dramatically... Basically, entertainment in the form of audio book listening is already a deeper thing than the average bear of entertainment. It is in-depth while leaving (thankfully) tremendous room for the imagination. A particular audio book is loved for two reasons; the authors written intent and the recording artist's handling of that intent through their voice. The only deeper form of entertainment I know of is actually reading or apart from that--living a large life. Even so who could ever survive a life as large as might be contained between the covers of a short shelf of books?

But I digress, because there are other audio book companies who do a very fine job of casting the right person to the right book and recording them. Well then I'd have to say; what we can do apart from the crowd is to put that kind of care and labor into work that we in turn make available free to the public. That is not easy. That is no game of numbers.

Our grasp or progress in this fine but elusive endeavor may be debatable but nevertheless at the moment we are there and on the web--world wide. Who knows perhaps someday we could be the first successful totally donation supported audio book company.

Warren Smith Director of Ops.

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