Katherine Hanscom

Katherine Hanscom fell in love with theater when, as a small child in Kansas in the early 1950's, she saw the film Gone With The Wind. Smitten with acting and dancing, she performed throughout her school years. Her love of a good story developed somewhat later, but led her to an under-graduate degree in General and Comparative Literature from Northwestern University.

After college, Katherine worked as a "Girl Friday" at a Philadelphia radio station, traveled fairly extensively, then married and settled in a town in rural Vermont in the early 1970's. While there, Katherine worked as a writer and reporter for a local newspaper; started her own interior design business; and again became involved in theater, acting in over thirty professional summer productions at The Weston Playhouse. Among her fond memories of life in Vermont, is that of listening to wonderful stories being read aloud on Vermont Public Radio.

Resettled in the Southwest since the late 1990's Katherine is pleased to still be pursuing her interests in theater and literature. She is especially grateful to LiteralSystems for the opportunity to combine these loves by reading for others. In so doing, Katherine hopes to bring to her audience some of the delight good stories give to her.

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