The Pit and the Pendulum

Session Notes

session date: 20071115 4-6pm the recording: The Pit and the Pendulum


The Reeding Room (yes that's right), Lone Butte near Santa Fe NM.

room type: Adobe and sheetrock room with a sloping 12' ceiling. Treated for diffusion largely with soundboard panels and a little drapery. Floor is brick with a throw rug in center.

room dimensions: 9'x16'x12'

room acoustics: Slightly live slapback but open and warm. Good for shotgun miking.

notes: Argo MacCallum was kind enough to make this room available during my 2 1/2 month visit back to Santa Fe.

Session Gear

microphone: audio-technica AT815b shotgun

preamp: Focus-Rite TwinTrack Pro Class A

recorder: Focus-Rite pre --> Edirol UA-25 usb interface --> IBM ThinkPad --> Linux "Time Machine" software.

headphone: Sony MDR-7506


edit station: Kubuntu 7.10 on IBM ThinkPad R61i and using QJackControl and Jack for patches, Ardour for cutting, Audacity for waveform level editing, Jamin and JackRack for mastering and EcaSound, Flac and Lame for archiving.

Session Notes

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